Healthy pastry recipe founder.

Hi I am Tanya Martin. Find out about the new pastry which I have created. Its versatile more healthy and it comes in 40 different flavors. I have always loved food but more importantly love  I also like it made with love.

I came up with this pastry one evening when i was looking for that – something that inspiration. I wanted to bake and I could not find what I wanted. I browsed recipe book’s healthy-pastry-logo

and I couldn’t find what i wanted. I decided to spend some time thinking about  what i wanted, I came up with an great idea only to make for myself, but I wanted this to be healthier than the usual heavy fat piling pastry. No matter how well you dress pastry its still pastry right?



I decided to research the pastries out there and i sat and thought how i like my food to be healthy and how could it be appealing to even the healthiest of people. Like myself I do care about what I eat. Having 40 option’s is the beginning of this super food pastry.

I never thought I would be entering into the food chain prior to this evening of creativity,but here I am and the people whom have tried my pastry love it!!

Some times our recipe’s just need a little of something else. or that something special. I have got that recipe and it’s available to try.

To get your free sample just contact me by email at –


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