A new pastry and so many ways to cook it

Apart from the very obvious ways to cook our new pastry which is steaming grilling dry frying roasting and we even cooked it on the grill and barbecue. You can not pass by us and help to wonder what if you did try replacing your normal recipe for pastry with our new one. 40 flavours of tastry pastry 20 sweet flavours and 20 savoury flavours.

This speaks for itself.



Would you choose a fruity tart !?

pastry tart

There’s so many reason’s you would like a slice of this fruity tart as it looks good but if you had an option of having all you can see already in the pastry then what tiuon would you actually choose?





pastry tart

Heads, Bodies and tails

wonderful I love this writer

the truth about journalism

We all know this game, the one where you drunkenly draw a half – alien, half – Hitler face for the depressed drunk to your left. It’s three A.M, and we have nothing better to do….except, maybe…play the game with a fictional story?

This game, adequately named “Beginning, Middle, End” involves me – THE BANKER/CHRIS TARRANT/NOEL EDMONDS – and you, the audience, who get to write the missing parts of my story!

Once a story has been written as a comment – either the B, M or E – then I will UPLOAD THE TWO THIRDS and then wait for the final piece of the jigsaw to emerge.

Come on guys – even if it’s a few paragraphs, I think this game can get our creative juices running.


Everything is black. I have woken, my feet bare and cold – and the tight sensation…

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You can cheat University!

again a great post

the truth about journalism

When I arrive for my entry exam, the teacher leads me into an empty class room. He tells me that the exam with be for two hours, and that the lecturers will allow me onto the course if I achieve above fifty percent.

So I smile, and put my pen down before the sweat manages to trickle down it, giving me away.

He walks out – his plain, blue pants and receding hair-line a sign of a life disciplined, predictable and intelligent.


I have been left with my bag, and my jacket, and a room with at least two computers inside it…yes, the computers are most likely off-limits but – if I were a part of the twenty-first century and had a smart phone, I would be able to google these answers!

“How to set out an article…”

“Who is Barak Obama’s vice president?” (Joe Biden – I know, who knew…

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The stigma of self harm

Another very good piece of writing….watch out for the scum from the uni though haha

the truth about journalism

I had a problem with stress when I was fifteen years old. On the surface, I was your ordinary teenager…loud, angry music on my MP3 and confusion about my sexuality taking up a proportion of my thoughts.

Part of me hates to stereotype teenagers, as this was one of the causes that lead to my self harm, but looking back – two months before my twentieth birthday – I can see that, during adolescence, we do have a tendency to over think problems and try to defy social norms unnecessarily.

Anyway, so – I started having this problem in year ten. Now that I think about it, the teachers at the time – who discovered my problem – did not act hastily enough. I had the chance to excessively mutilate myself before anyone forced me to have counseling.

So, I’m in mathematics – and I have forgotten to put my jumper on…

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My mother was sectioned. Again

4 sections no diagnosis……are the nhs still trying to lie about the past and are they still intending on using an act to cover abuse on children ? Stevie you are one of the most interesting and wonderful writers I have ever seen.

the truth about journalism

So I am going about my life…stirring cups of coffee, people watching on the way to university and writing overly-enthusiastic love notes to people out of my league.

Suddenly, (thanks primary school English teacher), the phone rings.
“It’s urgent!”
I pick up – feeling flawless in my new home. Feeling satisfied and happy, the nurse says “Hello – Is this Stevie?”
“Your mother is staying at a psychiatric hospital after a break down, we have been trying to contact you for days.”
This hasn’t happened before. I look around at my life, just starting to come together, and sigh.

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